Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I should be sleeping, but....

I bring another recipe to you today from the Laura Secord Canadian Cook Book. I have to work at 4:30 AM tomorrow and really, it would have made more sense for me to be sleeping than to be playing around with muffin recipes but this is just the kind of guy I am. I had two cans of Pepsi Max before supper keeping me alert physically, and the drive to not dissapoint my four readers (Wife, Mom, Jessica, and Carmi) keeping me on my toes mentally. So, without further ado....

Click image to make larger!

I made several adjustments to this recipe before even attempting it as written Instead of shortening, I used butter simply because butter tastes awesome - especially when paired with things like oatmeal, brown sugar, and cinnamon. And speaking of spices, another adaptation I made to the recipe was the addition of several pinches of nutmeg.

I have a German heritage after all!

I added my blueberries directly to my dry ingredients, so that when I stirred in the wet stuff it would incorporate just as fast. The recipes says to fold them in, but my method reduces the risk of over-mixing and gluten development. Nobody likes a glutenous muffin. Well, maybe the weirdos.

I baked them 50 degrees cooler and had to spin my pan around halfway through the baking time to ensure even baking because my home oven is difficult like that. They looked and smelled wonderful though!

Where the recipe suggests to remove from tins and serve warm; this would work well if using parchment liners. If, however, you're like me and don't have such clever devices on hand and instead trust on a lightly greased tin for muffin removal, I would suggest letting these muffins cool for 10 or fifteen minutes in the pan before removing. The mess you see below is the result of removing a hot muffin.

It is a very delicious mess, mind you.


  1. Guess what, you have FIVE readers now! Ha! :)

    Those muffins look so good. (Even the crumbled one!) I'll have to try this recipe next time I pick up some blueberries.